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A lot of accidents happen on I-78. Semitrucks take longer to slow down from high cruising speeds when traffic gets congested further down the highway. Plus, negligent drivers may drift lanes and unwittingly cause accidents.

Unfortunately, these sorts of accidents aren’t just confined to I-78. If you have suffered an injury from a car accident, trust our auto accident lawyer to handle your case.

How We Can Help

Vehicle accidents can seriously injure you. These injuries often damage much more than your health, though, including causing you job time loss, medical expenses, and even disability issues. You may need significant compensation to heal or move forward from these disasters.

Having a trusted legal attorney who will fight hard for your rights can make all the difference in such moments. Gregg Durlofsky, founding attorney of our law offices, will get you the compensation you need as you reconstruct your life. He will even take your case to court if necessary.

We care about you and your case, and our care shows through our effort and work ethic. Our law firm serves Bethlehem, Nazareth, Easton and surrounding areas with legal advice regarding car accidents. We offer free initial consultations, so you can understand your rights and options as you move forward with your case.

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If an automobile accident has turned your life upside down, don’t wait any longer to get the help you need. Because your time is valuable, we are available 24/7. If we are serving someone else when you call, we will return your call as soon as possible.

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