9 Common Construction Accidents

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Construction can be a dangerous, hard-working job. You’re often exposed to extreme heat, sun, and risky circumstances. While there are quite a few practices in place to keep construction workers safe, accidents and injuries can still happen, and the results can be devastating and difficult.

To keep yourself safe and aware of potential risks, it’s a good idea to get to know and understand common construction accidents. That way, you can keep an eye out for dangers and steer clear of any hazards. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the most common construction accidents and who to seek help from if you’ve been injured.

1. Electrocution

There are a lot of dangers on a construction site, including unfinished electrical work. Coming into contact with an exposed wire can result in electrocution, and when you’re doing any electrical work, accidents can happen at any time.

2. Fires and Explosions

Construction sites have quite a lot of flammable materials, and with exposed electrical work and the occasional leaky gas pipe, there could easily be a fire or an explosion. These kinds of accidents often lead to serious burns and scarring.

3. Overexertion

Sunny days may be perfect for a little construction work, but they can be brutal for workers. Such heat exposure can result in heat-related illnesses and dehydration, and overheated workers may experience issues with their heart, kidneys, or brain.

On the other end of the spectrum, some construction workers may work in freezing or snowy weather. Being regularly exposed to these harsh conditions can result in frostbite or hypothermia.

Workers can also develop injuries from repetitive stresses or constant heavy lifting. Overworking your body can strain muscles, and regular stresses, such as heavy machine vibration or repetitive movements, can lead to arm or back pain.

4. Slips and Falls

Slip and fall accidents can happen on any property, but on constructions sites, they can be especially dangerous. Falls are perhaps the most common type of accident in construction, and with so many dangerous items lying around, workers can sustain substantial wounds.

When materials are left on the floor or puddles linger from the last rainfall, workers can slip and get injured if they’re not careful. It’s important to keep work areas clear and to use caution in wet or slick conditions.

Workers can also fall from great heights while working on buildings and other structures. For instance, they could fall from ladders, roofs, scaffolding, or cranes. Workers should use extra caution working in lofty areas. In some cases, it may be best to use some kind of harness to prevent yourself from falling and getting injured.

5. Falling Objects

In construction, loose materials are constantly being moved and tools are often left out as the work progresses. If a crane cable snaps or a simple kick knocks materials off the edge of a structure, tools, materials, or other objects can strike workers down below. While hardhats can protect people from the odd screw or bit of wood, they may not offer enough protection from heavier materials or tools.

In many cases, workers injured form falling objects can sustain spinal or head injuries.

6. Getting Stuck Under or Between Objects or Vehicles

Sometimes, when objects fall or shift, workers can find themselves crushed against a wall or floor. If some workers neglect to maintain a careful eye and watch for potential problems, staff members can get stuck between a wall and a large object. They may be pinned by vehicles, equipment, materials, or debris, and such a situation can result in significant injuries.

7. Machinery and Equipment Accidents

Construction workers work with a lot of heavy equipment and machinery. With such heavy machinery and tools comes certain risk. If a hand slips or someone sneaks into a blind spot, there could be severe consequences.

8. Trench or Building Collapse

Trenches are common in construction. But when they collapse, the workers within the trench can be hit with dirt, debris, materials, and tools. In some cases, they can be completely buried.

A similar situation can happen when a building collapses or demolishing a structure goes poorly.

9. Vehicle Collisions

Many construction workers work rather close to roads, and with cars and trucks speeding past, it’s common for workers to be struck by a vehicle. This type of accident is especially common on highway construction projects. Workers may also be hit by construction vehicles, like forklifts, or vehicles driving in reverse.


If you’ve been injured as a construction worker, seek help from an experienced personal injury attorney, such as one from the Law Offices of Gregg Durlofsky. Even if you’ve received workers’ compensation for your injury, it’s helpful to get a second opinion about your case and seek legal help. Trust in our 24-hour, 7day-a-week legal services to get you the compensation you deserve.

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