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You love owning a motorcycle. Its sleek design and low cost allow you to travel in style and save some money on future expenses. However, you face more road hazards than most other drivers in cars. In fact, in 2013, Pennsylvania roads and highways saw over 3,000 motorcycle accidents, with 181 deaths as a result.

If you find yourself in such an accident, and you need a trusted motorcycle accident lawyer in Bethlehem, PA, turn to Gregg Durlofsky Law Offices for legal assistance and compensation.

We Can Help You Through Your Accident

The attorneys at our law offices understand the risks involved with driving motorcycles. Though you may obey the speed limit and maneuver carefully around other cars, you can’t always prepare for another driver’s negligence. Motorcyclists have little to no protection and can face serious injury when cut off by other cars.

Your life as you know it may drastically change if you’ve experienced a motorcycle crash. Besides the obvious physical injury, you must also grapple with financial and emotional repercussions.

A motorcycle accident attorney in our Bethlehem, PA law offices will help you navigate these obstacles and lead you back to a comfortable life.

You Will Benefit From Our Services

You don’t need to let a motorcycle accident take control of your life. Take advantage of our personalized legal assistance when you find yourself physically or financially debilitated. Our lawyers will provide you advice in a free initial consultation. They’ll also fight for your deserved compensation as they:

  • Help to win reimbursement for your medical expenses
  • Convince the responsible person to pay you back your lost work wages
  • Remain available online and via phone calls 24/7

If needed, we will even take your individual case to the courtroom and act on your behalf.

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