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While car accidents may not happen every day, they often cause physical and financial damages to drivers involved. The Pennsylvania Turnpike and I-78 host numerous vehicle crashes throughout the year. Some of the most serious wrecks on these highways—and other roads throughout the state—include large trucks.

If you or a loved one has suffered in such an accident, you don’t need to fear for the future. A truck accident attorney in Bethlehem, PA’s Gregg Durlofsky Law Offices works with you so you can receive fair financial compensation and peace of mind.

How Can Accidents Happen?

No matter how safely you drive, truck accidents remain a possibility, especially during winter months. Semi-trucks that carry trailers or tanks can’t slow down as fast as compact cars or SUVs. Truck drivers may have difficulty seeing cars in their rear-view mirrors, particularly on foggy, snowy, or rainy days.

You may experience a crash due to sudden traffic congestion or a negligent driver who weaves in and out of lanes. And when an 18-wheeler in these situations skids, rolls, or impacts another vehicle, the damage can be severe.

Call a Semi Truck Accident Lawyer in Bethlehem, PA for Compensation

The aftermath of a truck accident ushers in more than just physical injury. You might also face hospital bills, insurance claims, time away from work, and even permanent disability. When your life seems to turn upside down during a time like this, trust our lawyers to seek the restitution you deserve.

Our team of reliable, understanding attorneys will do all they can to obtain the compensation you need. With friendly, client-focused service and 24/7 availability online and through the phone, you can receive the legal help that you require.

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